Delivery Solutions

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NuMode Delivery Solutions provides our customers with the most advanced technology and security features available. This will enable customers to utilize their Transportation Management Systems for cost effectiveness and security.

Interactive Online Order/Tracking System

NuMode Delivery Solutions offers customers the ability to use our online system where orders can be placed, tracked, priced as well as invoiced in real time.

  • Online Pricing – You will receive a price and estimated time of delivery prior to an order being placed. This will allow you to choose the correct service and will help you reduce your overall cost.

  • Personal Address Book – Our system has an auto fill function. This allows customers to place an order and have our system remember the address for any additional future shipments.

  • Dedicated Shipments – Our system will create templates for re-occurring orders that will automatically dispatch drivers on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Automatic POD – Once a shipment is received by the consignee, Numode will automatically email a confirmation of the delivery including an electronic signature capture screen shot.

  • GPS Tracking – This important feature allows customers to check on orders while in progress.

  • MOBILE APP – Our Mobile App is one of our most popular features. This allows customers to order, place or track shipments while being away from the office.