From Little Steps to Giant Leaps – Numode’s Mission

At Numode Delivery, we have the responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and to follow best sustainable business practices. As a courier service, we recognize that our operations have a significant impact on the planet, and we are committed to reducing that impact as much as possible. That’s why we’ve made sustainability a key part of our mission.

We know that there are a lot of challenges facing the world today and especially in the future. From climate change, to pollution of the environment, and to dwindling resources. However, we also know that every small and big action we take, can make a difference. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve energy and fuel, minimize waste, and recycle as much as possible.

Being a sustainable courier service means more than just using electric vehicles or buying carbon offsets (although those are important steps too!). It means rethinking every aspect of our operations, and to tackle these challenges in collaboration throughout the whole Supply-Chain and our Community! From the practices in our office, to the routes we take to deliver shipments, to the way we operate our vehicles, and the vehicles in our fleet itself. It means finding new, creative, and innovative ways to reduce waste and emissions, and working collaboratively with other businesses and organizations to create a more sustainable future for all of humanity, our fellow animal friends, and Earth’s plant life. We owe it to our Community and to Future Generations.

We know that we have a lot of work to do to achieve full sustainability, but we’re fully committed to the journey. By making sustainability a core part of our mission, we hope to inspire and educate others to join us in building a more sustainable world. We tackle the enviromental challenges of our time better TOGETHER.

Numode’s Steps towards Sustainability

Office Practices

We’ve implemented a paperless office policy, which means that we significantly decreased our printing and paper consumption. We digitized most of our office procedures to avoid printing at all cost. We’ve also replaced all of our lighting with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which consume less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs. Our office staff bring their own reusable water bottles and reusable lunch packaging. These practices enabled us to reduce our waste, to conserve enegery, and therefore reduce our environmental impact. Sad Fact: Around 158 million metric tons of plastic waste were generated just for packaging in the year 2018! (Source: Statista)

Our Routing

By optimizing our routes, we’re able to reduce the number of miles we drive significantly, which in turn helps to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon emissions. To achieve this, we use our over 25 years of industry experience, our comprehensive geographical knowledge of our service locations and the surrounding areas, are in constant communication with our drivers, and get updates on traffic conditions as soon as they happen. This allows us to make adjustments on the fly if needed. We are also collaborating with our customers on their delivery schedule to coordinate deliveries more effectively and therefore reduce unnecessary trips.

Vehicle Operation

As the center of our business operations, we recognize that our vehicles have a significant impact on the environment. That is why we’ve implemented a number of practices to reduce the enviromental impact. One of the key ways we do this, is by maintaining our vehicles to the highest industry standard. This ensures that they are always operating at peak efficiency and emitting the lowest possible amount of pollutants. In addition to that, we’re also focused on responsible driver behavior. We train our drivers to operate our vehicles efficiently, including reducing idling time, avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking, and driving at adequate speeds.


The reduction of waste is a very important factor of sustainability. Therefore, we have implemented a recycling program throughout our operations. This includes the strict separation of paper, cardboard, and other waste. We have clearly labeled recycling bins throughout our office. We are also partnered with ReClaim, which we deliver with used bumpers to recycle. By sorting our waste properly and by partnering with recycling companies, we’re able to divert a significant amount of materials from the landfill back in to the industry for future usage. We also prepared a blog post about how to package and ship environmentally friendly!

Our Fleet

Our fleet of trucks is 2016 or newer. Which means that our trucks are equipped with more efficient engines that use less fuel and emit less emissions than older trucks do. Also, our trucks were built to meet today’s more stringent emissions regulations, which have a significant impact on air quality and public health. In addition to that, all of our trucks are equipped with exhaust gas recirculation filters (EGR). This filter contains several harmful pollutant emissions that would otherwise be released into the environment. We also provide the option to ship your packages with our hybrid vehicles to further reduce our GHG footprint.

Purchasing Policy

Numode Delivery is a member of LOCO BC, which means we support local entrepreneurs that share our vision of protecting the planet. Buying local reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. When products are shipped accross countries or even continents, they require a lot more fuel and therefore produce more emissions. By introducing a locally focused purchasing policy, not only do we reduce the enviromental impact but we also contribute to build strong community resilience and reduce dependence on imported goods. This helps to foster a culture of environmental stewardship and supports local efforts.

Our Expertise

With over 25 years of industry experience, we use our gained expertise not only for optimized routing but also to educate and inform others. Sharing knowledge is key to creating a more sustainable future. We published comprehensive resources to our employees, customers, and the wider community. Our Blog provides insights into several topics, which gives tips and tricks on how to improve on sustainability. Both of our blogs about how to package and ship environmentally friendly, and about Truck Maintenance Tips, help the reader to increase their sustainability efforts and raise awareness on how simple it can be to help to protect the environment.

Continuous Improvement

Sustainable practices are not static and require ongoing attention, evaluation, and improvement. By continuously evaluating and improving our sustainability practices, we can operate more efficiently, and meet the evolving insights, needs, and expectations of our customers. We regularly assess our operations and make changes where necessary, to reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize emissions. Additionally, we seek out new technologies, innovations, and best practices to enhance our sustainability performance. Sustainability is a journey, and continuous improvement is necessary to ensure that we are making progress in our efforts.