Vancouver Courier Service

Numode Delivery has been servicing the Vancouver area since 2017. We offer same-day deliveries to the whole of Metro Vancouver and next-day deliveries to Vancouver Island and The Sunshine Coast!

Vancouver Courier and Delivery Service – Why you should choose Numode Delivery

One of our Vancouver Couriers holding packages in front of one of our vans

Dependable, Efficient, Hassle‑free
Our Vancouver Courier and Delivery Service

If you ship a very important document, that has to arrive by a certain time on the same day, you need a Courier Service you can depend on. With over 25 years of industry experience, our team of logistic professionals will ensure that your shipments arrive on-time and in pristine condition. You can count on us – Numode delivers!

As a result of our long-lasting industry experience, we are able to provide our Vancouver Courier Services via the most optimized and efficient routes. Our HQ is located near major streets to ensure fast and efficient response times to any orders we receive. Our modern internal communication system allows us to be informed about any accidents or other delays as soon as they are reported! This gives us enough time to reroute our drivers to ensure an on-time and efficient delivery.

Our 24/7 Online Ordering and Tracking system let’s you place and check on your order whenever you have the time. Our One Time Order Form is designed to be filled out in as quickly as 3 minutes! Or you can always place an order via our Chat Function in the bottom right corner or our Contact Us Form above. As soon as you accept our Quote, you can lean back and enjoy our hassle-free Vancouver Courier Service.

Numode Delivery – Quality Traits

For every delivery we make, we make sure that they follow our quality standards from start to finish.
This begins with our most important quality trait: Safety. All of our drivers are constantly updated with dangerous driving courses and defensive training sessions. This ensures that your package will arrive safely, no matter the traffic or weather conditions.

Our second quality trait is: Our Values. We acknowledge our social and environmental responsibilities and therefore give back to our local community and at the same time reduce our GHG footprint. We donate 1% of our profits back to local charities in Metro Vancouver. We also have a Fleet or hybrid vehicles, and trucks that follow emission standards and are equipped with exhaust gas recirculation filters (EGR).

Our Third quality trait is: Our Expertise. With our over 25 years of industry experience, we can handle a range of different packages. Ranging from Medications or Medical supplies, to Oversized or Heavy items, and even to Dangerous Goods or Fragile and High-Value items. From small Envelopes, to any Pallets – Numode Delivers!

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Numode delivery team with the president holding the Business Award

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