What do our Customers and Employees think about our delivery service to the Sunshine Coast?

“I love my job,” says Lata Singh, company driver with Numode Delivery. “Every morning, I get to travel to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and get paid for it,” laughs Lata.

Numode’s first departure for the Sunshine Coast is at 7:30 am, with an 8:10 am arrival in Langdale. Depending on the number of pick up and deliveries, Lata is usually on the 10:50 am ferry heading back to West Vancouver. “I just put on my music and enjoy the scenery,” says Lata.

Due to the high demand for their services, Numode Delivery added an additional sprinter with a 9:50 am departure from Vancouver.

“We have seen a tremendous growth in remote and home deliveries,” adds Andrew Kronquist, President of Numode. “We’re always trying to find new ways to better serve our customers and community,” so adding a second vehicle made sense.

Delivering to the Sunshine Coast can sometimes be challenging. “The most difficult part is always the BC ferry schedule,” adds Bill, who usually takes the 9:50 am ferry to Langdale.

While most people enjoy the 40-minute ferry ride, businesses and people on the Coast can find it cumbersome.

“I have lived in Sechelt for the past 10 years,” says Joan, a retired teacher from Vancouver. Known as the ‘Land Between Two Waters’, Sechelt has a population of around 10,000 residents.

Situated right on the ocean, Sechelt has the laid-back vibe that makes the Sunshine Coast so appealing. While Joan loves the lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers, it can sometimes be difficult to get items locally that she wants.

Numode is awesome,” says Joan, “I usually have Numode pick up packages from Vancouver once per week and bring it to my front doorstep next day.”

Mark Peterson owns a small heating and air conditioning company based out of Gibsons, BC. Having a reliable courier company to bring supplies from Metro Vancouver is crucial to his business.

“The fact that I can order supplies from Vancouver at 3 pm and have it delivered next day to Gibsons by noon is remarkable,” says Mark. “Many of our jobs require parts that we have to get from Vancouver in order to be completed.”

In case of wrong or damaged parts, Numode Delivery also offers a return service from Sechelt/Gibson back to Vancouver. Drivers will usually pick up scheduled returns when delivering for shipment back to Metro Vancouver.

“Numode Delivery really offers a full service to our community,” says Mark.

Numode Delivery started in 2017 based out of Richmond, BC. In 2019, Numode started daily service to Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Numode’s commitment to offering reliable delivery solutions has resulted in many long-time partnerships being developed.

So what is Numode’s secret to success?

It’s always people,” says Andrew. “From our drivers to our office staff, we have a great group of individuals that are dedicated to helping our customers get their packages on time.”


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