Courier Service near me. Surely, a lot of us use this exact phrase to look for a company that can pickup and deliver a package we want to send or receive. You will be faced with a lot of options to choose from and almost always, you see big international companies in the top search results. However, sometimes there is a smaller and locally owned courier company hidden in these search results. You now have the choice to either send your package via the big players or you choose the company from your local community.

There are several aspects to consider, which make the difficult choice easier. In this blog post, we will outline why local couriers are important and why you should choose the courier service which is based near you.

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Reasons to choose your local couriers

  1. Revenue Recirculation: Locally owned companies have a greater impact on the local economy compared to international companies. They spend a larger portion of their revenue within the local community, thus recirculating more money back. For instance, local companies purchase goods and services from other local businesses, hire local employees, and pay taxes that support local government services. In fact, local companies keep 52.0% of their revenue in the local economy, compared to 13.6% which international companies do (Source: ctpsa). Also, local companies produce a local economic benefit around 4x larger than that which international companies produce (Source: LOCO BC). Therefore, supporting your local courier service, supports the community you are living in yourself!


  1. Personalized and Flexible Service: Local couriers offer a more personalized and flexible service. They are able to provide customized delivery solutions that meet the unique needs of their customers. Whether it’s a rush delivery, a specific delivery window, or a dedicated delivery, local couriers can accommodate these requests with ease. In contrast, larger courier companies have rigid delivery schedules and can’t offer the same level of flexibility. This allows the courier service near you, to accommodate last-minute requests, offer customized delivery schedules, or provide specialized and expert handling or delivery for fragile or valuable items in the area.
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    1. Better Customer Service: You surely encountered the situation, when you wanted to reach the customer service line and then you are confronted with an automated voice that tells you to wait for the next agent, accompanied by an annoying melody which seems to loop every 10 seconds. Or you want to ask a quick question via their chat function on the website and then you are confronted by a chat bot that asks you 20 different questions until you finally reach a real human. This is the standard procedure for big international courier companies. Your local courier company however, doesn’t outsource their customer service to a computer program or puts you through the torment of a looping melody for hours. They are more accessible and responsive to their customers, as they are able to provide more personalized customer service and develop stronger relationships with client. In addition to that, since they are locally based, they can provide you with more detailed information about your shipment and understand location-based requirements better than any international company can.


    1. Faster and more Reliable: Local couriers have a greater familiarity with the local area, its specific needs, and potential time-sensitive chokepoints. They have gained location-specific knowledge and experience in regards of traffic patterns, local geography (especially important in Winter or stormy season), and delivery destinations. This helps local couriers to plan and execute deliveries way more efficiently, since they are more aware of any unique circumstances or challenges that may arise during the delivery process. Therefore, they know the quickest and most efficient routes to take, as well as the best times to avoid traffic congestions. This familiarity with the location means that local couriers can provide faster and more reliable delivery services, since they are less likely to encounter unexpected delays or detours. In contrast, international couriers lack this deep local knowledge and can face significant delays doing deliveries. They have to rely on maps, GPS devices, or other technology to navigate unfamiliar areas, which doesn’t take unique characteristics of a location into account. This increases the risk of delivery errors and makes the delivery itself slower and less reliable.
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      1. More cost-effective: Time is money. We’ve probably all heard this phrase or even used it ourself. This phrase is especially true if we are waiting for time‑sensitive deliveries of our products or we have to turn in an important document before we have to pay a late fee. Local couriers can help you with such a problem with ease thanks to their higher flexibility and customizable delivery solutions. We at Numode Delivery can pickup and deliver any time‑sensitive pallets or documents as fast as within 90 minutes of you placing the order! Not only can local couriers safe you money due to their higher flexibility but they also have a better understanding of the local market and provide more competitive pricing for their services. This is due to the reason that they don’t have to factor in high overhead costs that come with operating on a global scale.


      1. Support of local charities: Local couriers are a part of the local community and have a better understanding of the needs of their community. They know which charities are doing important local work and which ones are most in need of support. They also have a stronger relationship with local charities since they likely worked with them in the past. Also, local companies see the immediate impact of their charitable contributions. When local businesses and organizations come together to support local causes, it helps to strengthen the fabric of the community and foster a sense of belonging. By support your local courier, you support local charities which support the community in which you live yourself! Numode Delivery proudly supports local charities like the ‘Greater Vancouver Food Bank’ or ‘The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary
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        In summary, local couriers are an important part of the transportation industry and can offer many benefits to businesses and individuals in their local communities. Whether you need personalized service, faster delivery, or more cost-effective solutions, a local courier may be the best option for your transportation needs.


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